21st Century Christian Illusionist Hardcover Book by Duane Laflin

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The 21st Century Christian Illusionist is a ground-breaking book.  It takes a new look at the concept of "gospel magic" and redefines it in light of changing times.  Issues such as costuming and show design are dealt with in relation to current culture.  Matters of gaining an audience, establishing credibility and winning the right to be heard are thoroughly explained.  There is a strong challenge to ensure the message of Jesus Christ is shared with power and clarity.  The 256 pages of this hardcover volume are loaded with practical information, inspiration and specific instruction for anyone who uses tricks and illusions in ministry.

A special feature of this book is the contributions by Christian Illusionists who are staying busy with their teaching and outreach programs.  Don Townsend, Ice McDonald, Aaron Gillam, Brock Gill, David and Kylie Knight, Justin Flom, Marc Buxton, David and Teesha Laflin, and Brett and Labrina Myers all share helpful insight.

The author, Duane Laflin, has spent more than 40 years doing the things written about on these pages.  He shares information that has been tested and proven in churches of all sizes all over the United States and around the world.   Along with his work in church and outreach situations, Duane's broad secular experience provides additional understanding and expertise.

This 256-page hardcover book includes the following:

The Moment that Changed My Life

Surviving The Journey

The Difference Between A Gospel Magician And Christian Illusionist

The Gospel Is Not An Excuse To Do Magic Tricks

Five Reasons To Use Magic Tricks In Ministry

Thoughts From Other Christian Illusionists

Putting Together A Magic Ministry Program

Some Concepts For Working With Children

And much more!