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A Practical Routine For The Linking Rings Download (E-book)

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I must introduce this e-book with the comment that the routine described is the result of many things that have been learned from many people. When it comes to such a common effect as the "Linking Rings" I do not think it is possible to be absolutely original.

What you are about to read has been developed over the course of years through reading, listening, adding, subtracting, experimenting, and sharing with others.

For me it is a PRACTICAL routine. It has been done hundreds of times and has always been well received by the audience.

I will not say that it is a perfect routine. I will say that it is something that "works" for me and it works for people I know who have taken time to learn it.

I trust it will work well for you.


The "Linking Rings" is not an easy effect to learn. It certainly is not "self-working". However it is wonderfully worthwhile to learn.

The "Linking Rings" is a tremendous mystery that never fails to please and mystify an audience. It is always ready to be performed. There are no angles to worry about. It
plays well from a large stage or in a close up situation. It is a perfect effect to use for adult groups, teen-age groups, and it even is enjoyed by children. In thank you notes I receive from my school shows the children often mention it as their favorite effect.

Don't give up on learning the rings! Carefully and patiently work at it and you will be comfortable with them in a surprisingly short time. Once you have learned them you will never regret it!

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