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Anatomy of a Gospel Magic Show Download

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Anatomy of A Gospel Magic Show by Duane Laflin  2009

Chapter 1: The Difference Between Talking A Lot And Having Something To Say! Page 5

Chapter 2: Possible Key Ideas For A Program Page 9

Chapter 3: Planning The Full Program Page 11

Chapter 4: Preparing The Introduction Page 13

Chapter 5: About Opening Effects Page 19

Chapter 6: Establishing Rapport Page 23

Chapter 7: The Body Of The Message Page 27

Chapter 8: The Flow Of The Show Page 33

Chapter 9: The End Of Your Program Page 45

Chapter 10: Warning! Two Extremes Page 51

Chapter 11: Sample Programs Page 55

Chapter 12: A Word About Fire And Chopper Tricks Page 77

Chapter 13: More Sample Programs Page 81

Chapter 14: Recent Sample Programs Page 95

Chapter 15: Final Words And It Should Go With Saying Page 115