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It is a great trick! One rope grows an extra end. Then another extra end. Is it two ropes? Then the extra ends disappear. A knot is tied in the center of the rope. Two more knots mysteriously appear. A clever and entertaining effect. This program teaches you how to do it and how to make it. It is easy yet strong magic!

Duane Laflin has performed on five continents, in eighteen countries, and in forty-seven of the fifty states in the USA. He has lectured and performed for most of the major conventions of magicians in the USA and for many gatherings of magicians around the world including a guest appearance at the Siegfried and Roy College Of Magic in South Africa and numerous presentations at the Magic Castle, in Hollywood, California. He is well known and much appreciated for his practical approach to magic which combines strong routines and showmanship with simple and well thought out moves. This makes his magic pleasing to the public and impresses magicians too. Although he is most well known for his expertise in the field of silk magic, he is a well-versed performer with a variety of skills who does a broad range of shows. "Basic Magic" offers solid instruction about doing good tricks in a skillful and entertaining manner.