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Clown Style Magic by Duane Laflin

Routines and Magic specifically designed for clowns and comedy.


 Page 3 Introduction

Page 5 I Can Change This To Any Color You Say

Page 9 Harry And Hefty The Hair

Page 13 Did You Hear About The Man?

Page 17 Clown Math

Page 19 I Can’t Show You The Red Handkerchief Trick

Page 23 I Want You To Be Miserable

Page 27 Making Happy Happy

Page 31 The Illusion Of Five Scarves (Or Is It four?)

Page 33 The Wishing Box

Page 39 Flowers Or Weeds In A Vase

Page 41 Who Has The Best Talent

Page 45 Truth And Right Decisions

Page 49 What Does Nothing Look Like

Page 53 Poor Fuzzy Wuzzy

Page 55 The Pet Flea

Page 59 The Legend Of The Silver Tube

Page 63 Putting Rabbit In A Hat