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George Schindler, the dean of the Society of American Magicians, says this is one of the best collections of information and ideas about sponge ball magic to come out in many years!

Two hours of unique ideas and practical information about sponge ball magic. The material on this download is audience tested. The ideas come direct.y from Duane Laflin's professional "real world" experience. The concepts are amazing and entertaining. If you are a beginner, Clever Sponge Ball Magic is a great way to get started with sponge ball tricks. Learn basic sleights and handling plus commercial routines. If you already know some sponge ball magic; this program will definitely teach you new things. It features unusual and original tricks that will surprise and fool you.

This video download teaches:
- A complete sponge ball stage act
- The double growing ball
- Balls to pocket with three colors
- Perpetual sponge balls
- Producing a giant ball
- A colorful close up routine
- Hop, skip, and jump with sponge rabbits
- Handling sponge rabbits
- Simultaneous vanish of four balls
- The thumb palm vanish
- The mash vanish
- Duane's unbelievable retention vanish
- Much more!

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