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I do not consider myself an expert on the subject of costuming. I can only present myself as one with well formed opinions and as one who is experienced. My wife Mary and I have been on stage for many years. Our work has taken us to five continents and many countries of the world. We have had performing opportunity in a large variety of venues including stages in Las Vegas and some of the finest theaters in America. Yet the bulk of our work has always been with churches and/or related ministry events.  I believe what I offer on these pages is worthy of serious consideration. If I did not believe such a thing I would not take time to write it all down. I also realize that there are no authorized rules on the subject of costuming and there are individuals who will do things differently than I do and still find success. So my way is not the only way. Yet I think many will find it to be a way that works for them just as it has worked for us.