Empty Tube and Without Jesus Silk Set Bundle: A $62 Value

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Effect: A tube is shown empty. Clearly and obviously it is empty. Yet a few moments later, with no "tricky" moves or suspicious actions, the tube seems to be full! Five different handkerchiefs are removed from the tube and a rainbow streamer that is sixteen feet long- then, a Jesus silk is produced at the end!

Message: The emptiness of the tube is an example of what life is like without Jesus. Nothing of long-lasting value is present. When the tube becomes full it is like what a person has when Jesus is there. Forgiveness. Joy. Hope. Citizenship in Heaven. The assurance of God's great and grand promises!

Included: An “Empty Tube" illusion ($25 value). The tube can be shown empty even though it has a secret compartment!  The compartment cannot be seen because of genuine optical illusion. You also receive written instructions and a complete gospel routine, along with five 9" silk handkerchiefs (red, white, yellow, blue, and purple), a 16 foot rainbow streamer, and an 18” Jesus silk ($37 value). 

Empty Tube dimensions: approximately 8.5" high, 2.5" in diameter. Produced from stainless steel to hold up through many presentations.

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