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Grand Gospel Magic by Duane Laflin (Book)

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Grand Gospel Magic is a huge and valuable resource for those who use magic tricks in ministry. In scale and comprehensiveness, there is nothing else like it. The 260 pages include full explanations and illustrated routines accompanied by crucial essays relating to the work of the gospel magician.

Most of the tricks involve standard props performers will already have, or can easily obtain. If you enjoy making up your own props, there are a number of ideas in the book involving instruction as to how to construct your own version of the effects.

Throughout the book you will find tips and practical insights which otherwise would only be gained by years of experience. The intent of this publication goes beyond that of informing a gospel magician about how to do a trick and what to say when doing it. For gospel magicians, the tricks are only a tool. What really matters is seeing hearts and lives impacted for good in light of the message of God's truth.

The author of Grand Gospel Magic is Duane Laflin. He has spent more than 40 years of his life doing the things written about on these pages. The things he shares have been tested and proven. Accompanied by his wife Mary, he has traveled to five continents and eighteen countries of the world ministering as a magician!