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Guilt Is Gone

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The audience is shown three cards.  One says "PEACE", one says "JOY", and one says "GUILT".  

The performer announces that he shall make the "GUILT" disappear.  The three cards are placed in a folder.  One at a time they are removed.  First "PEACE" is taken away.  Then "JOY" is taken away.  The performer announces that they have made "GUILT" disappear.  

The folder is opened and the performer shows a card that says "GONE".  The audience is convinced that "GUILT" is on the other side of the card,  but when the card is turned around it shows a picture of Jesus.  

The performer states "I really don't have the power to make guilt disappear, but I do know who does- Jesus alone can make guilt disappear". 

This is another great trick for audience participation either online or long distance!