Hank Ball

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This is a gimmick that Duane uses extensively in silk work. Perfect for vanishes, productions, and even color changes.  Be sure to check out the 90-minute download (sold separately) on the use of this gimmick!

Here are some things you can do with a Hank Ball (from The Hank Ball Video Download):

This program teaches you everything you need to know. Learn how to secretly pick up the hank ball, transfer it from hand to hand, vanish objects, produce single and multiple silks, switch one silk for another, and how to perform complete routines.

For details on the Hank Ball Video Download, click here!  Please note:  The Hank Ball Video Download contains all the content that was on the Hank Ball DVD, which has been discontinued.

Our 18" Diamond Cut Silks which pack small - like a 12" Silk are perfect to use with the Hank Ball.  For information, click here!