Jumbo Christmas Card Monte - BACK IN STOCK!

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Bring the magic of Santa and Rudolph to your holiday shows with the Jumbo Christmas Card Monte! This illusion is fun, easy, and gets your whole audience involved! 

Begin by showing two jumbo sized cards, one with Rudolph the Reindeer, the other with Santa.

Next, hide Rudolph behind your back and ask the audience "Where is Santa?" The audience replies "Santa is in your other hand!" But to their surprise, you bring the card out from behind your back to show that Santa was hiding there the whole time! 

Repeating the game again with the same results, you then hide Santa behind your back asking "Where is Santa?" The audience exclaims "Behind your back!" Only this time Rudolph was hiding there instead!

Setting the Santa card down, you end by wishing the entire audience a "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" and open the remaining Rudolph card to reveal both Santa and Rudolph together!   

Comes complete with high-quality jumbo cards  and instructional DVD.

The Santa/Reindeer card measures approximately 7"x10". 

The foldout card measures approximately 10"x14"