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Kid Show Silk Magic DVD

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Why silk Magic?
It packs small, yet plays big!
It is visually appealing and can be seen by audiences small and large!
This DVD features a show of silk magic done before a live audience. Watch how to children react to the colorful and exciting tricks. After the show, you will go into the studio where complete explanation is given of the routines and moves. See tricks done with silk fountains, change bags, canes, eggs tubes, lollipops, small gimmicks, a thumbtip, solid color silks, picture silks, and more. None of the tricks call for difficult sleight of hand moves - all of the tricks are upbeat and amazing!

New and updated silk routines on this DVD! See the illusion of the red scarf, silk to any egg you choose, your favorite color, and other tricks that will catch you by surprise!

Also available as a video download.  For more details, click here.

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