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“LOOK AND LAUGH” is not a complicated book. Each idea is presented by way of a relatively brief description and photo illustration.  It is important to know that each idea has been tested by way of live performance. The ideas made it into this book because they passed the test. They drew reactions from the audience that indicated people were truly experiencing entertainment.  Some of the ideas get big laughs. Some get grins.  Some get groans. All of them are designed to allow the performer to smoothly segue into other aspects of his program. You need not use the ideas as transitions (as in emcee work). They can work as stand alone jokes (for clowns and funny talkers). However most of the ideas are intended for the purpose of providing gentle humor while introducing a new aspect of a show or while seeking to change the pace of a show. About the groans: someone has said that “a groan is an excellent form of audience participation.“ It can be fun for an audience to groan. It is a way for them to interact and sort of play along with the person on stage. This is not justification for bad jokes. It is recognition of the fact that human beings enjoy things on different levels and in different ways. A smart entertainer can work with the audience in such a way that they find pleasure in their opportunity to groan. Most of the ideas came about because I needed material for my emcee work. Therefore those who serve as Master of Ceremonies should find may useful bits on these pages. As well; magicians, clowns, comedians, ventriloquists, jugglers, and teachers should all be able to adapt material from this book for their work. Not all of the ideas in this book began with me. If they did not, I have done what I can to credit them. Some ideas seem impossible to credit. They have been around for ages and no one knows who used them first. I have put my personal touch on all of the ideas. Some of the ideas are actually my creations from the very beginning. I thank God for inspiration and originality.