Lota Bowl - "God's Blessings Will Never Run Out" - NEW!

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The shiny Lota Bowl is simple to use and will surprise your audiences every time!  

The performer begins by emptying the water from the Lota Bowl, only to show a short while later that the bowl seems to have refilled itself.

Over and over, the performer empties water from the bowl and surprisingly, it refills with water again and again! 

One of the best ways to use this vase is as an ongoing reminder to your audience that God’s blessings will never run out. When the vase is first introduced, it can be used to illustrate what happens when we pour into others and share with them the blessings God has given us. We can be God’s instruments to pass those blessings on to others (the water from the vase is poured out to fill a glass nearby).

Written instructions and gospel presentation idea included.

Dimensions approximately 9" high and 6" at the widest point.