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Page 7 Introduction

Page 9 Everybody Wants To Be, But Not Everyone Wants To Become

Page 11 The Difference Between An Amateur And A Professional Is Details

Page 13 Don’t Do It Just Because You Can

Page 15 Know Thy Audience

Page 17 If They Don’t Know How It Is Done, They Don’t Know How It Is Done

Page 19 Have Mentors, Go Beyond Them

Page 21 You Don’t Have To Be Ignorant To Be Original

Page 23 Promotion And Publicity Gets Them Through The Door Only Once

Page 25 The Backdrop Should Make You Look Good

Page 27 Words And Actions Affect Logic, Music Affects Emotion

Page 29 Don’t Stand Behind The Table

Page 31 Conclude Your Show With The Creation Of Good Will

Page 33 The Innocent Hand Rises High, The Guilty Hand Has To Die

Page 35 Don’t Just Plan What You Will Do. Plan What You Will Do Between What Will You Do.

Page 37 No Cost Means No Value

Page 39 Walk On

Page 41 People Don’t Care Much About Who You Are Until They See What You Can Do

Page 43 Separate The Reveal From The Steal

Page 45 If It Looks Like You Don’t Know What You Are Doing, People Assume You Don’t Know What You Are Talking About

Page 47 If It Looks Like You Do Know What You Are Doing, People Assume You Do Know What You Are Talking About

Page 49 Make Everything Appealing. When Possible, Also Make It Interesting

Page 51 Punching, Punching, Punching

Page 53 Don’t Call Them Silks And Sponge Balls

Page 55 Have An Act

Page 57 Seriously, Have An Act!

Page 59 Have Passion To Find Out Why Things Do Not Work

Page 61 The Key Costuming Concerns Are Interest, Appeal, And Credibility

Page 65 When People Say They Don’t Like Magic, Magic Usually Is Not The Problem

Page 67 Methods Do Not Make The Magic. Magicians Make The Magic

Page 69 The Audience Is Your Best Teacher

Page 71 Get To The Funny Fast

Page 73 Surprises For The Eyes, Puzzles For The Mind, Mystery Object Lessons

Page 75 When Performing For Children, Remember Who Signs The Check

Page 77 A Volunteer From The Audience Is A Representative Of The Audience

Page 79 It Is Doubtful That You Are The Exception That Proves The Rule

Page 81 Don’t Get So Crafty That You Stop Growing And Making Discoveries

Page 83 Earn The Right To Do It Wrong

Page 85 The Cost Of A Trick Rarely Corresponds To The Value

Page 87 Love Your Audience

Page 89 Know How To Bow

Page 91 Don’t Penalize The Punctual

Page 93 Spend Money On Your Assistants

Page 95 To Hold The Attention Of The Audience You Need To Have Your Own Attention

Page 97 When It Comes To Mistakes, Your Reaction Governs Their Reaction

Page 99 Don’t Stay The Same

Page 103 Final Thought