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Duane Laflin is a Christian who is known around the world for his skills as a sleight of hand artist and illusionist. He also is a student of the Bible and one who is committed to an expository style in teaching and preaching.

In Miracles: Who Can Do Them?, He presents well-explained biblical answers to questions about the possession of supernatural power. He deals with matters such as: Is God the only one who can do miracles? If God is not the only one, who else can? If others can, what are the limits on their abilities?

Duane's purpose in writing is to glorify God as the one who "alone does miracles" and to help Christians understand what they should believe about amazing happenings and such things as psychics, fortune tellers, and demonic activity.

Duane also shares why he, as a Christian, believes illusions are a valid tool for ministry.

26 pages
Publisher: Laflin Magic (2004)