Naughty Or Nice Christmas Trick with DVD

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A volunteer is shown pictures of Santa's Reindeer (including Rudolph). One picture is chosen, but the magician does not see what it is. The volunteer is asked to be "Naughty or Nice". This means the volunteer can either tell the magician the name of the reindeer actually seen, or try to mislead the magician by naming another reindeer instead.

No matter what the volunteer says- the magician finds the actual chosen reindeer. This happens to a simple storyline about Santa always knowing whether one is "naughty or nice".

This is a very easy, self-working trick that you will be able to present and have fun with right away!

*Includes both a stage size version with 7.5" x 9" cards and a close up version with 2.5" x 3.5" cards.

DVD and written instructions included!