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A rare opportunity to see so much material from a professional illusionist's live stage show!  Also available as a DVD while supplies last.  Click here for details.

This program is designed to entertain and inspire.  The program consists of a huge amount of stage illusions performed one after another.  The performances are excerpts from live stage shows by Laflin and Company.

Illusions performed include:  Materializer, Kiosk, Phantom Cage, Zig Zaag, Kub Zag, Slicer, Goddess Levitation, Martinka Chair, Saturne Levitation, Assistants Revenge, Chests of Mystery, Table of Death, Origami, Head Twister, Water Levitation, Modern Cabinet, Spiker, Janet Illusion, Elevator, Dekolta Chair, and Giant ABC Blocks.

The program also shows Duane's Silk Act, Stage Version of B'Wave, and Stage Version of Silk to Egg.

No secrets are explained.  This is over two hours of wonderful stage illusions presented in an upbeat, fascinating, and amazing style.  See how the illusions played in front of large crowds in a "family magic show" atmosphere.