Powerful Gospel Magic Download (E-Book)

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A. Introduction

B. Comment about the format of the book.

C. One more thing...

1.  "My Favorite Opener" (Involves thumbtip and silks).

2.  "My Routine For the Vanishing Cane"

3.  "A Lesson In Doctrine With The Rainbow Ropes"  (A good rope effect).

4.  "No Condemnation" (A rabbit production you can make for yourself).

5.  "Silk Poke Blendo" (Involves silk poke, silks, and blendo effect).

6.  "Silk Poke Sin Vanish" (Involves silk poke and silks),

7.  "Gospel Version of What's Next"

8.  "Bible Coin Production" (Another effect you can make for yourself).

9.  "Chameleon Silks" (Color changing silk effect).

10.  "Dove Pan To Flowers" (Dove pan and spring flowers).

11.  "Gospel Stoplight Routine"

12.  "Production Alarm Clocks - How I Use Them"

13.  "On The Right Hand - On The Left Hand" (gospel version of a classic coin effect).

14.  "Peter And The Power Of Prayer" (Silk poke, silks, card tripod).

15.  "Good News -Bad News Suitcase" (Production Tambourine and clock steal).

16.  "I Can See The Future" (Square Circle type of production box you can make for yourself).

17,  "Predicting The Future" (Repeat change bag and a bold force).

18.  "Hippity Hop Rabbits"

19.  "Tri-Silks To Dove" (great dove production from silks).

20.  "Gospel Application For The Genii Tube"