Sensational Silk Magic and Simply Beautiful Silk Magic Video Download

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A total of four hours of terrific silk magic. These are two of Duane's earliest programs on the subject of silk magic. Covers many unique concepts and complete routines.

On Sensational Silk Magic, you will learn...
- Productions
- How to Steal Flowers and Fountains
- How to use a Hank Ball
- Classic Silk to Egg trick
- How to make and perform a Blendo effect
- How to do multiple color changes with eighteen inch silks
- Barehand vanishes with large scarves
- Children's party tricks
- Tricks visible from a large stage
- Many routines and techniques

Some of the material on this tape is nearly unknown to many modern magicians...It therefore entertains and fools them, as well as being great magic for the general public.

On Simply Beautiful Silk Magic you will learn...
- How to properly use silks for a great Kid Show routine
- proper use of a Drumhead tube
- Detailed instruction for the Thumbtip
- Working with multiple Thumbtips
- A pretty way to use a Dye Tube
- Tarbell Cone
- A modern Mutilated Parasol Routine
- Half and Half Silk Routine
- Knots Off Silk
- Special props for Silk Magic
- Silk Wonderbox
- Cylinder of Plenty
- Empty Box
- A unique Square Circle production