Silken Sequences and Steals DVD: ONLY 1 LEFT!

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PLEASE NOTE:  We will be discontinuing this DVD, but it is still available as a video download which you can access within minutes!  For details on the download, click here!

This program teaches you the most important secret in silk magic. This secret applies to the general performance of magic, and in particular it will help those who are interested in adding some kind of "manipulation" to their act.
Performed and Explained on this DVD...
- A complete silk act
- Four Square Blendo
- Sponge Ball Vanish
- Vanishing Wand
- Color Changing Balls
- Multiple Silk Vanish
- Regular Blendo
- Silk Fountain
- Production of Silks
- Phantom Tube with Steal
- Streamer Production
- Use of Thumbtips
- Dye Tube, Palmo, and Hank Ball
- Much More!