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Snap Silks - BACK IN STOCK!

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The "Snap Silk" is a Marvyn Roy concept which was developed from a trick by Eric Lewis called "Diminishing Silks." It is used by magicians around the world.

The "snap silk" is a flashy production of silks that puts the performer in a perfect position to steal a load such as production flowers, a small animal or toy, a lamp, silk fountain - or pretty much anything that will fit behind an 8" wide x 12" tall covering!

Complete setup including six 18" silks- one each black, white, yellow, green, red, and blue (some sets may have a purple silk instead of a blue silk)- and corner attachments. No written instructions are provided. The instructions can all be found on How to do the Snap Silks DVD or Download by Duane Laflin.   

For information on the Snap Silk DVD, click here!

For information on the Snap Silk Download, click here!