SPOT.. STOP..TOPS..POTS..And A Mighty Big Number - ONLY 10 OR LESS IN STOCK!

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This is an entertaining audience participation routine with an inspiring ending by Duane Laflin!  It is perfect for illustrating the benefit of  working together and being a team. This includes two sets of letter cards each with a number printed on the back for spelling words with S, P, O and T, plus a written explanation of the routine and lesson to use with them.  There are 8 cards total, each approximately 5" x 7".

What Happens?

Two teams of audience members are invited on stage to participate in a spelling game.  After fun and laughter trying to spell different words, the participants turn their cards around to create a gigantic number.

The Secret

There is no trick to this!  It is not an illusion, just a fun audience participation routine with an interesting ending!