Tear Apart Bags at a Very Special Price -DETAILS INSIDE! Only 1 Left!

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Dalmatian 2 from David and Teesha Laflin on Vimeo.

~~~ THESE BAGS ARE FINAL SALE: No exchanges or returns please ~~~

We are offering these Tear Apart Bags at a very special price due to some imperfections.   These bags still function as intended, but upon close inspection, you will see that the special pricing reflects these imperfections. 

Please read full description.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Choose your preferred option from the drop down menu.  Only one of each option is available.

OPTION A: Final sale.  See photos labeled "A".  Bag is approximately 11"x 9". A portion of the inner lining is visible above the opening of the bag.  

OPTION B: SOLD  See photos labeled "B".  Bag is approximately 12"x10".  The decorative trim is imperfect.  

OPTION C: SOLD  See photos labeled "C".  Bag is approximately 13" x 10".  The decorative trim is imperfect.


The Tear Apart Bag appears to simply be a fancy bag. Items can be placed inside, then the the bag is “torn” apart to be shown empty!

The edges of the bag are lined with Velcro. This creates a quick tearing sound, but allows the prop to be put back together. 

Each bag is hand-embellished with decorative trim.   Front and back of bag have a similar design.  Only one available in each style.

The inside is lined with a slick black material that hides bulges.

Handling instructions and routine ideas included!

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