Through the Wall With Gospel Presentation Idea - NEW!

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TheWall from David and Teesha Laflin on Vimeo.

What Happens?  A solid piece of wall is shown.  It is composed of two pieces.  When the pieces are turned around to show the other side of the wall, there is a big hole in the center of it.  One side of the wall has a hole, the other does not.  Impossible, but everyone sees it!

Includes written instructions and 2 routine ideas by Duane Laflin:

One idea is to mention famous walls... Great Wall of china, Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Wall Drug Store in South Dakota, Walmart (Ha!).  Then tell how Houdini had a trick in his show where he would walk through a wall.   

The other idea is to talk about God always having a way for us to get through difficult situations.  There are times when we may feel like we have run into a brick wall, and there is no way through; however, from God's point of view, there is always a way! (Luke 1:37)