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An amazing, full audience participation card trick!

The trick:
- Cards are shuffled and a card is chosen that the magician does not see.
- The cards are then shuffled again.
- The magician then spells out the name of a card.
- The card name he spells is whatever the audience tells him, whether they lie or tell the truth.
- Incredibly, it does not matter what card name the magician spells, by next spelling the word "magic" he finds the chosen card!

This is a wonderful, self-working trick - no sleights or moves. It simply works! The presentation is designed to include as many members of the audience as possible. The trick is definitely a winner and will be a great addition to your show. This DVD program demonstrates the trick by way of performance, then completely explains how to do it.

**Includes Gospel Lesson Idea

Copyright: Duane Laflin/Laflin Magic (August 2011)